Flamenco Pizza
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Flamenco Pizza(www.flamencopizza.no/), a widely known pizza restaurant chain in Norway. Flamenco Pizza has three customer touch points: the outlets, through hotline and most importantly through the website. Client chose paid search engine marketing to improve web traffic and sales.

What we Worked on

  • Campaigns Structure
  • Bid Strategy
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Re-Marketing Campaigns


The client had chosen paid search marketing as the solution and he ran text ads through Google search network. The client wasn’t able to generate ROI he was expecting. So the client approached us to optimize the paid search campaign and to improve their ROI.

Web Traffic Increased

Conversions Increased

E-Commerce Revenue Increased

Our Approach

  • We analyzed their current campaign and fixed all the missing elements.
  • We created additional campaigns that were missed by our client which included some targeted keywords and competitor’s keywords.
  • We connected their E-Commerce website with Google analytics and Google ads to optimize product level sales.
  • Through Google analytics we analyzed and suggested the clients to give special offers on days those had low sales. Client agreed to give special offers and revenue increased by 26% on those days.
  • We were able to turnaround client’s situation and increase their ROI within 3 months.


Digital Marketing Progress Period From October 2017 to April 2018.

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