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Fornebu Pizza is a Norwegian Pizzeria which has a variety of pizza and barbeque dishes. They are one of the most opted pizzeria in the region for dine in and even pizza delivery service. Having realized the immense growth and potentiality of the social media platform client had chosen the medium to spread brand awareness and ultimately generate sales. Our custom social media strategy was focused on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn. Challenge upon us was to increase customer engagement on all social media platforms as brand awareness was the prime objective behind the whole strategy.


Like most Pizzeria and restaurants, Fornebu Pizza didn’t have enough time, resources, or social media knowledge to manage on their own.
While Facebook was set up, posts were inconsistent, sometimes going weeks without an update. Social updates were not attractive, lacking voice, style, and engagement. Other channels were not set up for the business.

Page Likes Increased

Web Traffic Increased

Engagement Increased

Our Approach

  • Our social media team performed a detailed SWOT analysis to understand strengths, identify any weakness and uncover any threats and opportunities for the restaurant locations.
  • In depth social media analysis was conducted to identify our client’s competitors and overcome their strategies. Our team implemented a Social Media strategy to increase reach, page likes and engagement.
  • We designed relevant creative post images that improved Fornebu Pizza’s brand authority in all Social channels for pizza related topics.
  • We analyzed the store visits by day of the weeks and approached the client for Offers in the days where they had law visits.
  • We developed consistent social media content that showcases their authentic food, engages the audience, drives sales, and builds a brand.
  • We implemented more post varieties like GIF animation, 360* posts, carousal posts and quizzes and videos to create more brand awareness among audience.


Digital Marketing Progress Period from April 2017 to October 2017.

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